$100 House – Great Room Revamp Reveal – The Fireplace

Hello everyone –

I’ve had many of you ask to see the newly revamped ‘Great Room”.  While I have provided sneak peeks in other blog posts, I now want to share with you the impressive transformation of this particular room with one of the newly added details – a fireplace.

As you recall, this home enjoys a lakeside location with fabulous views of the lake from the Great Room and Mr. Mobile Cottage and I wanted to have a cottage interior reflective of those views.  It was our idea to garner the hand crafting you might find in lake cottages built years ago oozing with cottage trims, beams and large fireplaces to gather around.  And while we wanted to ensure the cottage felt charming we needed a plan to incorporate all the cozy charm we were craving, but also to do it on a very restricted budget.  So what did we do?

So called “Great Room” when we purchased the home…absolutely disgusting!


Great Room area after initial renovation…clean and charming.


Another view.

First we decided to build a massive stone fireplace you would find in an old lake cottage.  The fireplace that everyone would gather around at night, eating popcorn while recalling events of the day or years gone by.  But there were two problems.  First, this home didn’t come with a fireplace nor did it have a place to put one.   With windows on every wall in the Great Room we were challenged as to where it would go.  Ultimately, we decided to forego the window area directly facing our neighbors home and place the fireplace there.  Mr. Mobile Cottage built the frame of the fireplace covering both windows and also ensured it included a place for our television above the fireplace box.  No, this was not going to be a real working fireplace, but nonetheless, it sure was going to look the part.  Utilizing faux River Rock purchased on clearance from a local distributor, we began the journey of crafting our own, old-fashioned stone fireplace.

Once all the rocks were securely in place, we next grouted around them and put on two coats of polyurethane in an effort to both protect and also enhance the colors of the rocks.  We also crafted doors to hide the television when not in use along with a mantle made from scrap wood and of course, added a dose of our signature trim.  With the addition of an electric fireplace insert which also directs heat should we desire to use it and adding real wood to the fire box area, I believe we achieved our dream of having a stunning old-fashioned, lakeside stone fireplace.

Once the fireplace was in place, we also decided to add “built-in” cushioned benches featuring storage areas and even found two small, vintage windows that fit perfectly on each side of the fireplace.  With all the pieces in place, this fireplace has become a favorite spot of all who visit and no one can believe the fireplace it is not real.  And what could be better than that?

New “old” stone fireplace WOW!

Another view….so cozy and charming indeed!

Notice the beams?  More revamp posts coming soon….you won’t believe the transformation.


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