The $100 House – Renovation Revamp – The Laundry Room

Hi everyone!

I wanted to provide you with  a quick post on our newly revamped laundry room.  Like most laundry rooms, this little space not only serves a utilitarian purpose but is also the main entrance to our home thus the area that everyone must pass through.  Therefore, I knew we had to do something, (anything really) to make it charming to blend with the rest of the cottage.

Initially during our first renovation, we first cleaned up the area and then laid new flooring, added fresh paint and simply staged the area to with the intention of selling the home. (see picture below).  But once we moved into the cottage and installed the washer and dryer, the space felt cold, empty and completely devoid of charm.  So what did we do?

Laundry area after initial renovation sparsely staged to sell.

First, we decided to add a butcher block counter on top of the laundry machines for folding purposes and also to give the space more dimension.  In addition, we added a backsplash to cover up the unsightly hose and electrical connections and stained and polyurethaned both surfaces.  We also decided to add a cute awning (of course made by Mr. Mobile Cottage), two cute laundry signs found at a local big box store on sale, a thrift store overhead light painted white and finally finished off this area with a darling galvanized tote containing flowers.

Charm abounds with added awning, folding counter two cute signs and flowers.

While the area was starting to finally feel a bit more cottagey, it was still missing something, namely on the wall opposite the washer and dryer.  It was your standard manufactured home entry wall and completely boring.  So we decided to add bead board from floor to ceiling, add a chair rail, also added top and bottom moldings and finish it off with wooden pegs the length of the wall and paint it all a crisp white.  FINALLY….the space was cute, but it still was lacking something.  So after scouring my decorating closet I decided to utilize wooden letters which spell “Home” and painted them white and finally finished the entire space off with a cute wreath.

Bead board walls and and pegs for added charm. So cute!

Another view

When renovating, Mr. Mobile Cottage and I always try to incorporate charm into every area of our homes, regardless of what the space is used for.  Such as the case of the laundry room/entry area.  Now the space not only serves its utilitarian purpose but also is a charming, welcoming area which is not just an entrance, but an integral part of our cottage and what can be better than that?

Stay tuned……more stunning revamp reveals coming soon.  Let me know what you think in the comments section…I would love to hear from you!

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