The $100 House – Painting Pains (Part 2)

Hey everyone –  I wanted to give you another update on the painting progress of our $100 House.

With almost 1300 square feet inside the $100 house and another 200 square feet on the screen porch all needing a  ton of renovation and in dire need of paint, our adventures in painting continue.  Couple that with needing a solution to hide all the electrical wires after taking down walls in the Great Room and we continue to be faced with a workload that seems to never end!  However, knowing we have to persevere, we push on with sore elbows, knees, and sometimes sheer exhaustion.

It is during these moments, Mr. Mobile Cottage and I have found we simply need to take a break to reflect of how far we have come and perhaps inject a dose of humor into the project such as the picture below.

A little humorous daily reminder Mr. Mobile Cottage wrote to help keep things in perspective!

Late one afternoon after an especially grueling full painting day, Mr. Mobile Cottage used the remaining paint on his brush to sketch out the phrase above on the floor.  Each day thereafter when we would arrive, that small humorous reminder would make be smile and remember to have a little bit of fun each day.

So where are we now in the project?   With the gray/blue color enhancing the top of the walls and a few gallons of white paint on practically everything else, the house is finally not only looking a bit better, but the nicotine smells have dissipated too!

The painting continues, and progress is showing.  Notice that support post in the middle of room?  More about that in another post!

However, there is still so very much to do and our plans to shape this $100 house into a dream lakeside cottage have only just begun.   Can you imagine what we did next?  Stay tuned….many more reveals are coming!






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