$100 House – “Charm-ing” Indeed

Hey Everyone – I just wanted to do a quick post on how we added a teeny bit of charm to the kitchen of the $100 house. A lot of people tell me they just don’t know how or what they can do to add charm to their homes. I always tell them the best place to start is with just one item first and then add and layer from that point.  Such as what we did when I just needed something (anything really) to make this overwhelming rehab feel a little bit like a home.

So what did we do?  While I was shopping for yet more needed painting supplies, Mr. Mobile Cottage surprised me when I arrived at the house and had taken scrap wood and built the most adorable, cottagey, vent hood surround on what was a just plain ugly, gold vent hood that still functioned great.

Vent hood area before…the actual vent hood was gold and UGLY!


While this hood surround is not absolutely perfect, it is for me.  If you read my other blogs posts, you know I love the perfect “imperfections” of cottage style.  This particular piece gives the kitchen area a wonderful dose of charm which it was sorely lacking and covers the ugly utilitarian vent hood which still functions beautifully.

The new vent hood surround – absolutely charming!

So if you are thinking you need to add some charm to your own home, why not take a fresh look at what you already have and decide if it could be enhanced or reinvented….you may just be surprised by the results and what could be better than that?

Stay turned…further $100 house stunning reveals are coming soon!



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