$100 House – Demo Day!

Hi all  – YAY!  It’s finally demo day.   Mr. Mobile Cottage and I often get referred to as the “Chip and Joanna Gaines” of mobile home renovations.  If you watch the Fixer Upper show which features the Gaines, you no doubt know that Chip’s favorite part of rehabbing is demo day.  The same holds true for Mr. Mobile Cottage who LOVES to take down walls and all that revolves around demoing a home.

When we first purchased the $100 home, there was a wall and two, very low breakfast bars separating the kitchen area from the living room area.  In addition with was a full wall with hideous glass inserts separating the dining room from the living room.  To put it simply, the living room area which overlooks the lake, was almost closed off to the rest of the home. by these dividing walls.

Dining room wall (on right) cutting off living room

Breakfast bars in kitchen (on left) cutting off living room

So Mr. Mobile Cottage got busy taking down both walls and also both breakfast bars, opening up all spaces to the living room.  Now this newly formed Great Room has waterfront views from all areas.

Demo Day begins and walls come down – what a difference!

Wall between dining area and living room is GONE



New open plan “Great Room” has a fabulous Lake View

In addition to the Great Room we also demoed the master bath vanity (which had seen better years) and also the built-in “hutch” top,.

Another view of open Great Room – look at all those windows with fabulous views – WOW!

Now that demoing is done, we can finally move forward with painting and adding that much-needed charm.  Stay tuned…more reveals coming soon.

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