Inside Awnings? Yes, Please!

As my little cottage in the city has evolved, so has my desire to switch up and/or add more cottage charm to my small home. Such as the case with adding awnings INSIDE my home to the long forgotten, blank windows that flank my kitchen area.

One of the windows after initially moving in; bare and plain.

While I initially tried to give these windows a little charm by adding cute light sconces and roman blinds, every time I looked at them, I felt something was still lacking. Then, when viewing some outside awnings featured in one of my favorite magazines, it hit me, why not  add some awnings inside my cottage? They would give some presence to the lackluster windows and at the same time hopefully finally dress the windows with all the cottage character I was hoping for.

Other kitchen window upon cottage move-in. Yikes!

So with my idea in mind, I approached Mr. Mobile Cottage who at first shall we say, was less than enthusiastic, about the project. But, after showing him a sample photo of what I had in mind, he went about creating the first awning. Using a simple design and of course adding a dose of my signature trim to boot, my first awning was taking shape. With the addition of two coats of white paint, this little piece was just about perfect. But there was something still missing on the window. So before we put up the awning, we decided to also trim out the entire window frame using leftover wood and also giving it a dose of white paint as well. The result…..see below.

Window after awning and trim..oozing cottage charm.

Closer view…signature trim added.

Front view

As mentioned previously, we also decided to add an awning to the other kitchen window therefore giving a more cohesive look to the entire kitchen area.  But instead of making more of the same signature trim used on the window above, we decided to simply use some leftover trim pieces which fit perfectly into this other window area.  So although each window awning is different, they work seamlessly together and provide all the cottage charm I was seeking.

Kitchen window with awning added….so CUTE!

Kitchen sink window awning…closer view

Kitchen window awning…front view!

While we continue to work on our little cottage in the city, I am always scouting out new and creative ways to bring charm into our little abode.  And sometimes, this means thinking out of the box a bit, incorporating what might seem to some folks, “unique or strange” ideas reserved for outside endeavors only.   I fully believe your home and spaces need to reflect what makes you comfortable, what makes your home your sanctuary you love to come home to.  And what is better than that?

Stay tuned….we have been very, very BUSY!  I will be posting a lot more reveals in the near future….you won’t believe how our little cottage looks now!







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