A Bed Makeover – A Refreshed Twist For An Old Bed

I just wanted to share a quick post on how I took an old bed frame which has survived a 15+ year history of moving with Mr. Mobile Cottage and I from house to house, endured several color makeovers to accommodate my ever evolving tastes and was transformed from its original form of a canopy bed subsequently cut down to accommodate a sloping ceiling, loft bedroom.  And yet, this hardworking, durable, bed frame has been transformed once again.

Bed frame before. Cute, but nothing special.

Although a blank slate for the plethora of linens I like to keep on my bed which I feel evoke cottage charm, the bed itself just didn’t speak cottage charm to me.  Then one day, when taking the mattress off the bed to launder the bed skirt (thanks to nightly collection of fur and oils from my beloved pet), I truly took a long look at the naked bed frame.  Yes, it was white, therefore fitting in with my neutral color scheme, but was nothing special. Glancing into my new master bathroom (more details about this coming up in a new post soon), it hit me.  Why not add the same charm found throughout the rest of my cottage to the bed?  After all, it is wood which could be cut and therefore, customizable.

So, putting Mr. Mobile Cottage to task on reinventing the bed frame one more time, he exceeded both my vision and expectation and now our bed has all the charm and cute character I had been seeking and hints to the trim found throughout the rest of my cottage and the best part of all?  It didn’t cost me a dime and what can be better than that?

Headboard with newly added cottage charm!

Full view of bed with newest makeover full of cute cottage details and white, fluffy linens

Sometimes I find that you just need to take a second glance at what you already have around your home and see if you can somehow refresh or reinvent it for your own evolving taste.   From paint to adding trims, moldings or other simple solutions, you too may just fall in love again with that once forlorn piece of furniture.  Why not give it a try; after all you may end up just loving your newest transformation as much as I do mine.

Stay tuned….more coming soon!


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