A Rug for all Seasons (And a Dog)

As I have featured in many of my photos and shared with you in past posts, I have an aging golden retriever dog who has been a part of our family since he was 6 weeks old. He has been a loyal and faithful companion and we love him dearly. But as he has aged the past couple years, he has seen an increase in small “dribbling accidents” and his body odor has also changed. And since he spends most of his days lazyily napping in our living room area, I have often had to throw out and replace my beloved sea grass rugs as they retained these odors no matter what cleaning method I tried.

My seagrass rug - just didn't stand up to my beloved dog.

My seagrass rug – just didn’t stand up to my beloved dog.

Then one day I stumbled upon a rug at one of my coveted small home décor stores. It was centrally placed as you come in the door of the store but yet looked brand new. Although it was not a rug I would normally scout out, the color and pattern were different than anything I had ever purchased, I was intrigued.  Surely if this rug could stand up to all the dirty foot traffic coming and going from this shop, it could withstand my aging dog. So I immediately asked the shop owner if it were for sale.  Sheepishly she replied no as she too had been scouting for a rug that could withstand the foot traffic of the shop and found this one on sale at a discount chain store located directly across the street.  She added she had purchased the rug approximately 4 months ago and had only swept it off occasionally and that it was technically an outdoor rug, but with it’s design, it could be used anywhere.

As you can imagine, my next immediate stop was the discount chain store.  I scoured every inch, but could not find any more of these rugs, but I wasn’t going to be deterred and was now on a mission to score one of these beauties.  Once home, I quickly sourced the internet to see if I could possibly find one of these rugs.  I first looked on the discount store website…..nothing.  Then I expanded my search…and there it was…..and better yet, on deep discount!  So not only did I purchase one, I purchased three for the price of one.  But I was still apprehensive….what if it didn’t look good in my little cottage, what if it was too “outdoor-ish” looking and I simply just didn’t like the color or style after all?

Well, the rugs arrived in perfect condition and once I put one down in my living room, I knew I had made the perfect choice!  Coupled with my all white palette of furniture and furnishings, this gem took my room to a whole new level, elegant yet casual all at the same time.

My new indoor rug

My new indoor rug

Cute, cute, cute!

Cute, cute, cute!


My dog loves it too!

My dog loves it too!

This rug is truly a workhorse.  I clean it daily and it still looks brand new and doesn’t retain any odors and any “accidents” simply clean up with soap and water.  I have since put the same rug under my dining room table and it gives this area a more elegant feel as well.  The third rug?   Well, right now….it is standing guard in my decorating closet, but I am sure I will find a place for it soon.   In the meantime, both my beloved dog and I can relax and enjoy our time in our little cottage without worry…..and isn’t that what life is all about?  Stay tuned….more coming soon.




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